Moneyland – Book One of the Lockdownland Trilogy

*coming June 2022 *

12 friends. 12 million bucks. 12 months.

No food. No adults. No backing out.

* * *

It’s 2037. Humans worldwide are losing their jobs to artificial intelligence. Everyone needs money to survive, including Eden Shepherd, who agrees to spend a year inside a biodome experiment with 10 popular kids from her high school, plus Adam Turing, the most hated nerd she knows.

Eden and her friends are each paid 1,000,000 dollars cash upfront to stay inside the biodome for a year. Who wouldn’t say yes? It begins well, with a delivery of junk food, no curfew, and Eden hopes finally to lose her virginity to somebody popular.

The trouble is, inhuman scientists built the biodome over an abandoned suburb. Here there is no supermarket, no electricity, no food or drink when the snacks run out. No bank for Eden to keep her million safe from her enemies – or her friends.

There is no panic button when the group descends into anarchy and Adam’s crew of outcasts violently establish a new pecking order.

When money can’t protect her, Eden must protect herself – as well as the baby Adam put inside her.