The sixth short story stash from NZ author Michael Botur.

You’re a publisher.

I possibly want to publish this book with you. 

Here are some things to know…

  • Email if you’d like to discuss becoming my publisher
  • Manuscript is probably max 90,000 words
  • I’d like to get it published in 2019 or the start of 2020. No point waiting longer.
  • The genre is literary fiction
  • The stories have been written October 2018 > July 2019
  • There should be 15-16 stories in the collection
  • If a fresh, up and coming new Kiwi publisher wants to get behind the book, I’ll support it with a little money, some help with promotion and design and getting Wheelers to sell it
  • I can help get the book to key reviewers and do some media interviews to raise awareness of it