So I took the family to Rainbow’s End on Sunday. It was pretty choice. I knew the whole thing would cost $400 on the day, so I had to make a few savings to budget it in.

Really, Rainbow’s End…

  • Cost laying in a black puddle and changing my own oil filter, and wrecking $12 worth of bath towels on my oily hands to save $90 on a mechanic doing the job
  • Cost investing $97 in my own welding gear so I didn’t have to pay a professional $330 to fix the rotary washing line
  • Cost sixteen meals based around various forms of potatoes to keep costs down for a week leading up to Big Sunday
  • Cost $6 petrol and a $50 ticket because I parked 30m across the road at Westfield Manukau cause my three year old screams in my ears when she has to walk more than 100 metres and protecting my hearing for $50 seemed worth it.
  • Cost $13 in Spark mobile data, because it seemed essential that I upload photos of my special day out on Facebook ASAP so people could see how good a time I was having and that my wife wasn’t pissed at me for beating off over that picture of her sister
  • Cost $5 for a pack of undies cause my two year old boy got scared by a juggler and crapped his pants and I had to run over to the mall and get him some new ones
  • Cost $330 for 3.3 sessions of family counselling after my daughter stared at me with eyes as huge and white as eggs and told me she was gonna honestly shoot herself if I EVER introduced myself to her friends again.
  • Cost $20 for some corn dogs