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Wassup Northland – and New Zealand – and the world!

I’m Mike Botur and you’ll know me as short story author, performance poet, opinion columnist and freelance journalist.
You don’t yet know me as a novelist -so let me pitch a young adult sci-fi dystopian thriller novel to you and we can raise the money to get it published and put it in your hands.


It’s 2037. Humans worldwide are losing their jobs to artificial intelligence. People will do anything to survive, to keep their jobs, their homes, their mana, including a 17 year old girl next door named Eden, who agrees to spend a year inside a biodome experiment with 11 popular kids from her high school, plus Adam Turing, an embarrassing nerd loser geek.
Eden and her friends are each paid one million dollars cash up front to stay inside the biodome for a year. Who wouldn’t say yes?
It start off thrillingly. Every day is a party with her mates. There’s a delivery of junk food, there’s no curfew, and Eden hopes to finally lose her virginity to somebody popular. The trouble is, inside the dome there are no supermarkets, no electricity, no food or drink when the snacks run out. She has been paid a million bucks cold hard cash to go inside, but in Moneyland there is no bank for Eden to keep her million in cash safe from her enemies – or her friends. There is no panic button when the group descends into anarchy and Adam’s crew of outcasts violently establishes a new pecking order – with cool kids like Eden at the bottom. When money can’t protect her, Eden must protect herself – as well as the baby Adam put inside her.

Sounds pretty dope right? Kickarse heroine, malevolent nerds with too much power, killer AIs. Our youth can look outside their windows and picture Moneyland happening in Tiki or the OT or Dargaville – Christchurch – London – Wherever.
The novel is already written. Now I’m asking you to donate so we can pay to get it printed. For $3000, we can print a good few hundred of these bad boys and get them into schools, and into the hand of reviewers to get a proper publisher interested and in turn, get the book back into the hands of the 16-19 year olds it’s aimed at.

With your fundraising help we can keep our rangatahi interested in reading a homegrown Hunger Games more gangsta than Game of Thrones – you can quote me on that.

God bless and thank you for any donations and support.
– Mike







Ah screw it: here’s the whole damn novel