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12 friends. 12 million bucks. 12 months.No food. No adults. No backing out.MoneylandA young adult dystopian novel.

90,000 words.


It’s 2037. Humans worldwide are losing their jobs to robots. Everyone needs money to survive, including Eden Strong, who agrees to spend a year inside a biodome experiment with 11 popular kids from her high school, plus Adam Turing, an embarrassing nerd loser.

Eden and her friends are each paid one million dollars cash up front to stay inside the biodome for a year. Who wouldn’t say yes?

It begins well, with a delivery of junk food, no curfew, and Eden hopes to finally lose her virginity to somebody popular. The trouble is, robot scientists built the biodome over an abandoned suburb. Here there are no supermarkets, no electricity, no food or drink when the snacks run out. No bank for Eden to keep her million safe from her enemies – or her friends.

There is no panic button when the group descends into anarchy and Adam’s crew of outcasts violently establish a new pecking order. When money can’t protect her, Eden must protect herself – as well as the baby Adam put inside her.


Narrator and characters


The 12 main characters in Moneyland are 17 year old secondary students from diverse ethnic backgrounds. One is a heroine who is disabled (in a wheelchair). All characters reveal their darker nature when they become desperate as starvation nears.

Eden, the narrator of the book, is a reluctant protagonist, initially, but finds heroism inside her as her friends prove unable and unwilling to protect her.

Eden grapples with guilt about having bullied Adam and others, because the weakling Adam Turing turns his vengeance on Eden once he has connived his way to power. Eden fights this evil ruler (who is the father of her baby) while pregnant. Having a pregnant teen mother heroine makes Moneyland distinctive.


The Boosted campaign to crowdfund the publication costs of an initial print run of Moneyland wrapped up end of September 2017.