You didn’t hafta waste him.

But he gimme a headache.

Coulda jus putcha phone away…

Motherfucker’s gonna snitch now, tell my case manager I ain’t on the course. Should roll him again for that.

No course, no scrilla. Shoulda jus stuck it out.

Fuck this grass, swet on my feet. Gimme your shoes. Hurry up! Walkin’ like a bitch…

We shoulda fully got on that train.

Nah. Need my three bucks.

Left my refill on the desk…

Got his phone, though. Look.

Ehhhhh? Shouldna done that. Sa old phone, anyway.

You a snitch too?

Nah, not me.

Talkin like a snitch.

I’m not, man. Chill.

You’re scared.

Thas what your dad said.

Fuck up.

Nah I mean, serious, thas what your old man said when we was round at yours. Member how he wanted to fight you when he came home from that unveiling and he was, like, going how you’re too scared an–LET GOA MY NECK, G, IT HURTS, MAN! LEGGO –

Gemme a Powerball ticket.

Honest, I gotta go back and get me my refill. Might score me a ride home, too.

You deaf, cunt? Gemme a Powerball.

I don’t got any money.

Arks that lady.

Member when we used to play mixed netball at school?

Whas that got to do with anyfing?

Just saying, you used to be real good. Snot fair, what happened to you.

What, that bullshit with my old man?

Just in general. Snot fair.

Shut up. What time’s your appointment?

I’ll arks this lady. Scuse me, what’s – can you – I’M JUST ARKSIN THE TIME, LADY. Fuck’s sake… G: I gotta gap. You should honestly boost before the pigshits getcha. Hide under ya bed. Getcha Powerball tomorrow.

Fuck you talkin bout tomorrow for? Live for today, G. Live for today.