Gangsta as Sky City’s high rolling clan lab Chinese

Gangsta as Premo Block D. Gangsta as the Sindi.

Gangsta as the Blenheim iwi-Lone Legion beef


Gangsta as Celtics singlets bandaging bleeding Bloods

Gangsta as craniums cracked on kerbs by kinghittin thugs

Gangsta as a Nelson league team givin’ gooks the bum’s rush


Gangsta as sandpaper scalps and swastika-stickered skin

Gangsta as the hoodrats Becroft’s too soft to discipline,

and that nerd’s arm snappin, and the Harris Gang chucklin.


Gangsta as the Hudsons, the Duffys, the Browns

Gangsta as the Fourth Reich guy with Die Nigger Die tatted on his brow

Gangsta as the Police Gang on the prowl.


Gangsta as the freedom to associate.

Gangsta as the Killer Clown Fiends’ prison Ritalin trade

Gangsta as solitary Gs catching up on their lost NCEA


Gangsta as that black and spewing Bay of Plenty pollutant: the Filthy Few

Gangsta as the Nomads, Horowhenua’s rotten tooth

Gangsta as Mossie’s tangi, the thousand-long lunchline queue.


Gangsta as a dozen Road Knights beside you at the Timaru traffic lights.

Gangsta as the Snitches Get Stitches patches Angels let you buy online

Gangsta as the stubborn Tribesmen on their Jap bikes


Gangsta as Junior Warriors getting jumped on the Viaduct

Gangsta as the Wairoa Mob’s scrum for top dog

Gangsta as shot mobsters refusing to see a doctor.


Gangsta as staunching out a teacher.

Gangsta as havin a different dad every month

And every afternoon, when she wakes up, you get a few crumbs of mum.